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Many procedures are available to treat the stiffness, pain and weakness that can occur with arthritic conditions in the wrist.

Golf Injuries to the Hand, Wrist or Elbow



Can be subdivided into acute or chronic type injuries.




Pain in the wrist can be caused by  tendonopathies (tendon wear) particularly the ECU and FCU tendons.

Medial epicondylitis. is a chronic condition of the flexor and pronator muscle origin to the bone. It can be challanging condition to treat.

K-laser therapy shows promising results as a consrvative treatment. PRP (platlet rich plasma) injections benefit some patients.

ESWL can also be considered.

Surgery is generally a last resort in this condition, most will spntaneously resolve in 1-2 years


ACUTE- Tendon ruptures and fractures.


During a "ground strike", significant force is transmitted to the hand and wrist.

Hidden fractures to the hook of hamate or pisiform can also occur.

Rapid access CT scanning allows us to make early diagnosis

and optimise outcome. 

Early splinting and investigation is essential to rapid recovery. 


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