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Many procedures are available to treat the stiffness, pain and weakness that can occur with arthritic conditions in the wrist.

Thumb Injury


The thumb is often injured when falling or grabbing a falling object.


A sprained ligament or fractured thumb can lead to significant reduction in hand function

and early rapid treatment is essential to avoid disability.


Commonest injuries

 Ulna collateral ligament injury or skiers thumb,

this needs expert repair or splinting to avoid pain and instability


CMC joint instability this is suprisingly common but not often picked up due to normal x ray findings.

Dorsal ligament reconstruction appears more beneficial than previous Eaton-Littler reconstruction.


Bennets and Other fractures.

These are normally treated with k wire techniques or open rection and fixation if displaced.


Subtotal and Total Thumb amputaion

These complex injuries require microsurgical or distaction techniques.

Web deepening procedures can improve basic improvments in function with simpler surgery.



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