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Many procedures are available to treat the stiffness, pain and weakness that can occur with arthritic conditions in the wrist.



What is polydactyly?
Polydactyly means that your child has extra fingers and/or toes. It’s a fairly common condition that often runs in families. If your child has an extra finger, it may be located on the thumb side of the hand (radial), the small finger side of the hand (ulnar) or in the middle of the hand (central). The extra fingers are usually smaller and relatively underdeveloped.

What causes polydactyly?
During normal embryonic development in the womb the hand initially forms in the shape of a paddle, and then eventually splits into separate fingers. Polydactyly results if there is an error in this process and an extra finger forms as the fingers develop and separate.

How is polydactyly diagnosed?
Through a thorough medical history and careful physical examination. X-rays are used to confirm the diagnosis and to check for problems affecting the underlying bones.

How is polydactyly treated?
It’s usually a basic surgical procedure to remove your child’s extra finger. In some cases, however, the surgery is a bit more complex, and can involve your child’s finger bones, ligaments and tendons.

What happens after surgery?
In complex cases your child may need to wear a supportive splint for a few weeks after surgery and see one of our specialist hand therapists. They will help improve your child’s hand function by helping to reduce scarring, swelling and stiffness. We will also want to see your child for follow-up visits to ensure that healing has gone well and function has returned.


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